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Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin) always wanted her kids brought up the way she was. By her mother. But her mum has abandoned her, so now she is thrown head first into the Motherland. It’s sink or swim.

While she struggles with work and life she meets the full plethora of hands on parents; the ‘Alpha Mums’ headed by Amanda (Lucy Punch), who is the Queen Bee: everything is organised, vacuum packed and sterile – even the kitchen chalk board is a statement of success. At the other end of the spectrum, is Liz (Diane Morgan), low energy but full of life hacks. She has learned to do things her way. Then there’s Kevin (Paul Ready). He’s the stay at home Dad, who, rather than fighting against that, is embracing the Motherland with gusto – much to the irritation of the other mothers.

If you can make it through the Motherland you can make it through life.

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